4 Foods Your Dentist Will Shy Away From

It is no surprise that no one anticipates a trip to the dentist. Everybody is scared of the dentist finding something wrong with your teeth, and doubly so when the dentist says that you need an intensive operation to rectify it. So it would be preferable to cut down on dental work by eating less and less of harmful food. Here are four meals, even the best dentist near me would seldom partake of.




Soda is a top choice when it comes to food to avoid for better oral health. The sugars and acid in them will severely weaken the tooth. Even diet soda is not free from the acid. If you would like or must drink, however, limit contact with the teeth by drinking through a straw. Though, you might want to cut back on the soda altogether, not just for your oral health.


Corn on the Cob


Especially for people with weak teeth, or those with braces and orthodontic wires, corn on the cob is off-limits. With the way you eat them, biting into the cob can crack fillings and sealants, or damage braces. Dentures are also easily dislodged. Instead of skipping them though, scrape it off the cob first before enjoying succulent corn.


Potato Chips


They are thin, light, and crunchy, and are delicious snacks. But their texture of crunchy and then gummy after chewing means it tends to linger in the mouth. When little pieces of chip get lodged between teeth, bacteria producing corrosive acid also indulge in the chips, severely upping tooth decay risk. And since one cannot stop at just one chip, there is an extended period of acid production.


Dried Fruit 


Raisins, figs, apricots, and dried mangoes are jam-packed with nutrition, but be warned. Dried fruits are full of sugars and also full non-soluble cellulose fiber, which binds the sugars around the tooth, increasing the risk of acidic bacteria. Stick with the fresh fruit variety if you want to indulge.


If the best dentist near me won’t eat them, why should I? These foods are not advisable for oral health, and we would do better to avoid them.