Outstanding Personal Trainer Courses

If you have a keen interest in fitness, then maybe you should consider turning this into a career. There are many different curses available which allow you to go into gym instructing and personal training. These are both rewarding careers, plus you can progress from gym instructing to personal training if you choose to begin with this career. FLM training offer a variety of different exercise courses including gym instructing and personal training, some of these come in packages so that you can receive multiple qualifications at once, if that’s what you want to do. There are certain skills and qualities you will want to have before progressing into this industry such as being organised, having good time keep skills, good communication skills and enthusiastic, as you will need to be a good motivator.

The gym instructor course that they offer would leave you with a Level 2 certificate in gym instructing. This course is specifically intended for those who are new to this industry and are hoping to develop their skills and knowledge, so that they can pursue a career in the health and fitness industry. Whilst doing this course you would be taught how to teach safe, effective gym sessions within a gym environment, whilst you gain an understanding of the principles of training and the body’s response to training. A few of the things that you will be taught include anatomy and physiology, how to communicate with clients, how to programme exercise for a variety of client types and how to maintain health, safety and welfare in a variety of fitness environments; this includes safeguarding. This course is made up of studying at home, four days doing a practical and theory course, and then a day theory and practical assessment. It is available in Cardiff, Keighley, Wilmslow, Blackpool and Manchester, for just £600.

Then their personal trainer courses leaves you with a Level 3 certificate in personal training. This course is ideal for individuals, who have already qualified as a Level 2 gym instructor. This course would allow you to recognise and develop the skills, knowledge and competence which are required to be able to work as an unsupervised personal trainer. Upon completing this course you will be able to offer your clients one to one training, fitness assessments, nutritional advice and progressive programming. Also if your are successful in completing this course and receiving this certificate, then you will be able to work with a range of clients from basic inductions to professional athletes. You will be self employed, have flexible working hours and know you have helped others to achieve their goals, therefore this job has many benefits.

Time For Personal Trainer Courses To Boost Your Career


You could do this by becoming a personal trainer or a fitness instructor depending on which interest you most. You can get these through a college or through a private training provider. If you go for a private training provider, a great one is FLM training, they specialise in management, leisure and personal trainer courses. You can either do personal training packages or do separate courses; the packages can end up saving you money because they leave you with more than one qualification but at a smaller price as they have been put together.

The hours you would work as a personal trainer would all depend on when your clients are available, so these hours will vary a lot each week, you will mostly end up evenings and weekends. There is no set salary as they can earn from £20-£100 and hour depending on experience, skills and if they work for a gym or are self-employed. You would have to spend time with your client to talk about changes which would need to be made within their lifestyle, about their health history and to check their progress through measuring their body fat levels and their heart rate. You need to make sure you check and record their progress. To do this job, beforehand you will need to have first aid training and get public liability. If you decide you do this job there are also certain skills that you will need to have such as good communication skills, people skills, plus knowledge of nutrition and health. You can do one of the packages and then afterwards do a separate course. After you’ve received training you’ll need to keep up to date with you knowledge and skills, to do this you will need to attend workshops and seminars as well as development courses.

There are four packages for you to choose from, these are the Basic personal trainer package, advanced personal trainer package, Premium+ personal trainer and the Premium+ PT & massage. Each has their own price the basic costs £1600, the advanced costs £1800, the premium costs £2300 and the premium massage costs £3300. Each of these packages offers similar qualification but as you go u in packages the amount of qualifications gets bigger and more advanced. The basic leaves you with a level 2 qualification in gym instructing and a level 3 qualification in personal training. Whereas, Premium+ PT leaves you with the same as the basic but also a Level qualification in exercise referral, 3xCPD qualifications and a day of first aid training. The advanced package leaves you with a Level 2 qualification in gym instructing, a Level 3 qualification in personal training and three CPD qualifications.