The Four Different Types OF Rhinoplasty New York Procedures

Rhinoplasty New York

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery conducted for two specific purposes: the first is to alter the shape or size of the nose, and the second is to restore the correct functioning of the nasal structure. The majority of people who undergo rhinoplasty procedures will do so because they are unhappy with the shape of their nose and are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing design. If you are interested in a ‘nose job’, it is important to take various considerations into account to ensure you opt for the most suitable type of surgery available. This article will provide information on the different types of rhinoplasty New York procedures available.

• The Open Rhinoplasty Procedure

The open rhinoplasty New York procedure is a type of cosmetic surgery used for a major reshaping of an individual’s nose. During this procedure, the medical professional will make a small incision in the skin separating the nostrils; thereby, lifting the skin and soft tissue off the nasal structure. This lifting of the skin and tissue is highly beneficial as it allows the surgeon direct visualization of nasal cartilage. By having direct access to this structure, the doctor is able to accurately manipulate and control the shaping of the nose.

• The Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure

The closed rhinoplasty New York procedure is a cosmetic surgery performed when incisions are made within the nose. Similar to the open rhinoplasty procedure, the closed technique allows the surgeon to separate the bone from the nasal cartilage. Once the incisions are made, the nose structure can be reshaped, removed or augmented to design the desired correctional shape.

The advantage of a closed ‘nose job’ is the location of the incision leading to less swelling, a decreased chance of scarring and decreased amount of time in surgery. Of course, this is all discussed beforehand to determine whether the benefits are suitable for your requirements.

• The Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

The revision rhinoplasty procedure is also known as the secondary rhinoplasty procedure because it is a second surgery performed to correct “botched nose jobs”. The problem requiring repair may be an aesthetic option, but in some cases, the problem could be structural damage to the nasal structure causing physical trauma.

In the majority of instances where the revision rhinoplasty is for appearance, it is due to the patient not being happy with the results of the first nose job. If a revision rhinoplasty procedure needs to be performed because of complex structural issues, then there is the chance that nose altering surgery may have already been experienced. In minor cases, this procedure can be completed in a single visit; however, the more traumatic secondary procedures may need two or three visits.