What Are the Health Benefits of Acupuncture? 

Traditional medicine offers tons of health benefits and relaxation, and a popular one is acupuncture treatment. This form of Chinese therapy is grounded on the principle that a disruption in your body’s flow leads to health issues. Read on to learn more about how unblocking your body’s qi can restore energy and begin healing through Longmont acupuncture.


How Acupuncture Works

Needles as thin as our hair are inserted into specific pressure points around your body to restore your body’s qi. These acupuncture points lie underneath your body’s energy channels, or “meridian.” Tapping into each meridian is said to give access to various organ systems.


What to Expect On Your First Session

What most first-time patients ask before starting their treatment is if the needles are going to hurt. You will feel some slight pinches as the needles are first inserted, but this is normal. If you start to get some numbness and prolonged pain, however, you should notify your acupuncturist right away. The tingling feeling you get is sometimes referred to as “de qi” and is a good sign that the therapy is doing what it’s supposed to. Afterward, expect that your acupuncturist will give you some herbs or other techniques that complement your treatment.


Helps With Back Pain

Acupuncture has been shown to aid in treating lower back pain. It’s especially beneficial for people suffering acute back pain with neuropathic origins. The acupuncturist assesses your lifestyle, health, stress level, and other factors in your life. Depending on where they think your problem areas are, that’s where needles will be inserted to relieve pain.


Stress Relief

Majority of the people who try out acupuncture are looking to relieve their stress. Whether it’s from physical or mental work, acupuncture can effectively decrease stress hormones and ease anxiety. While the precise mechanism of acupuncture hasn’t been established yet, researchers have noted the effect of acupuncture in inciting general feelings of happiness.



This traditional therapy is also known for being a great supplement in treating migraine symptoms. Acupuncture helps reduce the incidence of migraines and lessen the intensity of its effects, according to satisfied patients. Integrating acupuncture into your treatment for tension headache can also help in preventing them from occurring as often.


Patients who suffer from knee pain also benefit from acupuncture treatments. The needles stimulate blood flow and help the healing of aching nerves and connective tissues. Stimulation of these areas releases natural painkillers stored in your body. These benefits are what have attracted people to trying Longmont acupuncture.