4 Signs You Might Need An Acupuncture Treatment

Though it was once viewed as a fad, acupuncture is now being recognized as a legitimate medical treatment and is even catered in many health insurance plans. There are many proven benefits of this treatment, and it is relatively risk-free, so there’s nothing to lose if you want to try it out. Here are some common signs that you might need to book a session on Acupuncture Syracuse, NY.

1. You Experience Chronic Pain

The most common reasons why people undergo acupuncture treatments are neck and back pain. You can definitely go for this alternative, especially if you have exhausted other forms of therapy like massages or doing yoga. Take note, though, that the long-lasting effects you are looking for will only be left after undergoing several sessions. There is no need to worry about adverse effects as they are endorsed by the American Pain Society and American College of Physicians.


2. You Suffer from Stress, Anxiety, and Sudden Mood Swings

Sometimes we need to find alternatives for therapy and prescription drugs. Acupuncture has been a proven way to give your mind relaxation and ease your anxious and heavy feelings after several weeks of treatment. The needles inserted can trigger the brain’s neurotransmitters that release happy hormones without the worry of underlying side effects from medicine. Your body’s overall internal systems will have their energy balanced for your general health and wellness.


3. You Have Trouble Sleeping

If you find it hard to fall asleep at night, you can definitely benefit from acupuncture treatments. This method has proven to stimulate the production of melatonin, induce sleep while under treatment, and diminish the disruption of sleep at night. By administering needles to the different pressure points, acupuncture arouses your parasympathetic nervous system, that causes your body to rest and digest.


4. You Have Recurring Migraines

Many people believe that headaches and migraines are something you have to live with, as there is no particular cure. But studies have shown a significant reduction of the frequency of migraine attacks from people with regular acupuncture sessions.


You should consider giving acupuncture a shot. With decades of history and an extensive list of believers, you can expect, at the very least, a relaxing and pampering session. Schedule an appointment now with Acupuncture Syracuse, NY to try it for yourself!